Bulked yarn high temperature resistant high strength glass fiber cloth

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The bulk covered aluminum foil cloth is composed of aluminum foil conductive cloth and thermal sol. Selection of special flame retardant adhesive composite form dense film, aluminum foil after composite surface smooth and flat, high light reflectance, vertical and horizontal tensile strength, breathable, impervious to water, good sealing performance. It has the characteristics of high shelter rate, strong material toughness and low price.

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The chemical composition of bulk cloth is the same as that of natural methyl cellulose, but the physical structure has long been changed, so it is called regenerated cellulose fiber. Such as adhesive fibre, acetate fibre, acetate fibre, etc., our country mainly manufactures adhesive fibre. The regenerated fiber has the characteristics of soft touch and good luster, good moisture absorption, good breathability, good dyeing performance, and not easy to fade. The disadvantage is poor wet fastness, that is, the strength becomes low after encountering water.

Bulky glass fiber cloth is developed from continuous fiber fabric, better wear resistance, strength, softness than ordinary fabric, in addition to good hand feel and no dazzling luster.

The warp and weft yarn of this product is all made of glass fiber bulking yarn, which has high strength, low density, high temperature resistance (550℃) and good insulation. It is suitable for the insulation of soft and hard tubes, the insulation covering of heating and refrigerating apparatus, the fireproof shell and other insulating protective layers, and the insulation of ship equipment. Compared with asbestos cloth, it has the outstanding advantages of no dust and no damage to human body. It's a good substitute for asbestos.


In the aspect of filtration of bulk cloth, the puffing of bulk yarn can not only increase the surface area of dust collection and prolong the time of dust collection, but also benefit the agglomeration of fine dust. Due to the low filtration resistance of bulk fabric, the filtration efficiency and speed have been greatly improved. Product packaging: internal plastic bag external carton neutral packaging.

Because the bulk glass fiber cloth raw material itself has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high strength, even after special processing, it also has the corresponding characteristics of high temperature resistance, so in industry and other manufacturing industries, bulk glass fiber cloth can be used as a kind of heat insulation wrapping cloth. Because the raw material contains a lot of glass fiber, and is in the form of gauze, so when applied in thermal insulation places, its fluffy yarn organization, can be well covered and wrapped with high temperature boiler pipes and other equipment.

The second is the related characteristics after bulking, because the overall structure of bulged glass fiber cloth belongs to the construction of many yarns, the overall shape is relatively fluffy. So it has good air permeability, for these materials with air permeability, in many places with a relatively large dust content can be used as a breathable yarn. Its filtration efficiency is high. According to the relevant dust removal data, the efficiency of dust removal can reach about 99% under the same state. Moreover, because of the high degree of puffing, the filtration speed can reach 0.6 to 0.8 m/min.

Compared with the thermal insulation performance, in fact, we prefer to use bulk glass fiber cloth when it has good filtration performance. Because the industrial dust content is very high in the industrial environment, it is a great threat to the body of those employees working in the factory area. Inhaling the waste dust in the factory area for a long time in the past is easy to cause lung sclerosis, and finally cannot guarantee the inability to breathe. In addition, for some industrial dust with recycling value, it can also be collected back for secondary use after being filtered by bulky glass fiber cloth, so it can be used in a wider range of filtration.

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