Hydrophobic high density superfine fireproof fiber coated cloth

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Detest water cloth (detest water glass fiber cloth, detest water coating cloth, detest water fireproof cloth) (waterproof fireproof film material, detest water fireproof cloth, waterproof detest water cloth) using high density ultra-fine fireproof fiber cloth as the base material, coated with nano polymer materials, after special process processing, is a kind of high performance, multi-purpose composite material new products.

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Its surface is slippery, so that it has hydrophobicity, oil resistance, at the same time improve the aging resistance and weather resistance, combined with the fire resistance of the fire fiber itself, so it is widely used as a waterproof cloth, oilproof cloth, fireproof cloth. It and the traditional tarpaulin, waterproof coil, tent cloth, roof waterproof cloth compared, he also has better "fire resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance" (both waterproof and fireproof).


Main performance characteristics

(1). Hydrophobic fireproof fabric waterproof: have abhorred water-based fiber surface, and form a closed , therefore, has a good waterproof performance, no water seepage. At the same time, it has good water resistance and can withstand long-term immersion in water.
(2). Hate water fire retardant cloth fire resistance: non-combustible. The flame itself does not burn.
(3). Hate water fire retardant cloth weather resistance, anti-aging: used for low temperature -196℃, high temperature 300℃ between. After practical application, such as in the 250℃ high temperature condition, continuously placed for 200 days, not only the strength will not be reduced, and the weight is not reduced; After 120 hours at 350℃, the weight is only reduced by about 0.6%. Under the ultra-low temperature of -180℃, it will not crack and maintain the original softness.
(4). Hydrophobic fireproof cloth chemical corrosion resistance, resistance to strong acid, alkali, aqua royalty and various corrosion.
(5). Hydrophobic fireproof cloth has high insulation performance (dielectric constant is small: 2.6, tangent below 0.0025), anti-ultraviolet, anti-static.
(6). Hydrophobic fireproof cloth size stability is good (elongation coefficient is less than 5‰), high strength. It has good mechanical properties.
Detest water cloth (detest water glass fiber cloth, detest water coating cloth) specifications: Thickness: 0.2---- 0.3mm width: 100-330cm Color: white.

Main uses

Building roof waterproof, roof tarpaulin, tent, building roof, cover tarpaulin, ship cover, waterproof and fireproof film material, all kinds of sports places of roof, station pavilion Peng, parasol, landscape peng, etc.

Hydrophobic cloth (hydrophobic glass fiber cloth, hydrophobic coating cloth) (common specifications:

Thickness: 0.12, 0.18MM, 0.22MM Width: 1250MM.

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