Thermal insulation ceramic fiber vermiculite fireproof cloth

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After the treatment of vermiculite dispersion, the glass fiber can withstand the burning of high temperature flame for a long time. The high temperature resistant fiber cloth in the temperature of 900 alcohol blowtorch burning, 10 minutes later there is still no hole, and ordinary glass fiber cloth 10 minutes is burned through. After vermiculite coating, its wear resistance is also significantly improved, long-term temperature resistance can reach 800C. Therefore, the coated fabric can be made into high-temperature protective clothing and gloves and used in high-temperature operations such as fire fighting, steel and shipbuilding industries.

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Vermiculite cloth is made of high quality bulk alkali free glass fiber cloth or ceramic fiber cloth as the base cloth, after finishing, coating. According to different customer needs, it can be made into various forms, so that it can adapt to various conditions of use. The maximum operating temperature can reach 1050°C, with good appearance and heat resistance. At the same time, the glass fiber cloth has a stronger fire resistance and breakdown resistance, friction resistance, good machining performance, vermiculite coating cloth is widely used in fire, high temperature resistance, welding protection and other fields. For objects with temperatures greater than 550℃, it is recommended to use vermiculite-coated glass fiber fabric or high silica fiber woven fabric. Uncoated materials are generally softer and more suitable for covering objects. This product has the advantages of high strength, low density, high temperature resistance and good insulation. It is suitable for the insulation of soft and hard tubes, the insulation covering of heating and freezing period, the fireproof shell and other insulating protective layers, and the insulation of ship equipment. Compared with asbestos cloth, it has the outstanding advantages of dust-free and no damage to human body, which is a good substitute for asbestos. The product is mainly used for high temperature atmospheric dust removal and recovery of valuable industrial dust. For example: cement, carbon black, steel, gold, lime kiln, thermal power generation and coal and other industries.



(1) It has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and corrosion resistance to molten metal such as aluminum and zinc.

(2) Good high temperature strength and thermal insulation performance.

Technical parameters:

Thickness: 1.5-3.0mm

Width: 100mm-1500mm

Material: glass fiber coating

Working temperature of vermiculite: ≤900℃

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