Soft polyurethane high temperature and fire retardant cloth

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PU cloth is polyurethane, mainly made of high elastic fiber composite, with similar characteristics to real leather, pu fabric grid is cheaper, high utilization rate. Due to the overall light material of pu cloth, it can be very good waterproof damage prevention, and its water absorption effect is particularly good. After absorbing water, there will be no swelling or deformation. At the same time, it is particularly easy to take care of. As a leather, the smell is relatively light and the price is relatively affordable.

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Advantages of PU Cloth

PU cloth is mainly made of high elastic fiber composite, but also has similar characteristics, at the same time light weight, strong toughness, breathable, waterproof, not easy to expand and environmental protection, good physical properties, resistance to twists and turns, good softness, high tensile strength, with air permeability. PU belongs to a second layer of leather whose reverse is cowhide, and then coated with a layer of PU resin on the surface, so pu cloth is also called film cowhide, but its price is cheaper, and high utilization rate, but with the change of its process is also made into various grades of varieties, such as cowhide, because of the unique process, stable quality, novel varieties and other characteristics.

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PU Fabric Selection Method

See whether the edge is straight, whether there are burrs, cracks, bug holes, etc.; See whether the surface spray paint is smooth, no bubbling, folds, etc.; Use a few pieces of floor together, see whether the seam, flush, there is no high and low gap and length difference; The water content should be between 8 and 13%.

PU Fabric Maintenance Method

Use a semi-dry mop when cleaning; It is best to wax once a quarter; Try to avoid contact with large amounts of water; Avoid wiping with acid and alkaline liquid, so as not to damage the surface; Avoid scratching the floor.

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