What are the uses of glass fiber cloth in the construction field?

1. Strengthen cement products
Glass fiber cloth factory through alkali resistant processing (such as modified acrylic ester impregnated) glass fiber cloth or made of glass fiber mesh cloth can replace steel wire reinforced cement products, such as adding them to the concrete made into thin plate, can prevent the concrete board due to bending, impact and cracking. This concrete slab can be used as wall panel, layer board, decorative sun visor, frame fiber cloth.

What are the uses of glass fiber cloth in the construction field1

2. Wall anti-crack structure reinforcement
Glass fiber cloth manufacturers after alkali resistant treatment glass fiber cloth used for building and other building walls or new light wall panels crack resistance and structural reinforcement effect is better. Within a thin layer of stucco, fiberglass cloth can spread the external material over the entire surface causing tension to avoid cracks.

In the thick stucco layer, the fiberglass cloth acts as a reinforcement to prevent the movement of the underlying material (brick, prefabricated board, lightweight block, etc.) from cracking. According to the size of the plaster, different mesh types of mesh cloth can be selected. Thin mesh should be used for coarse stucco and dense mesh should be used for fine stucco. The compressive strength, impact resistance and fire resistance of the new lightweight wallboard can be improved by strengthening it with glass fiber cloth.

3. External wall insulation system
Glass fiber cloth factory in the external wall of the insulation board coated with a layer of plaster after the spread of glass fiber cloth as a strengthening layer, and then wipe the cover layer. This prevents surface cracks that may be caused by changes in external temperature, shrinkage of plaster, and movement of insulation panels. Glass fiber cloth ensures the stability of external wall insulation system.

Post time: Mar-08-2023