2023 Electronic glass fiber industry analysis: Policy-driven industry to accelerate the development of market prospects can be expected

Electronic glass fiber and products belong to new inorganic non-metallic materials, which is a new material subdivision industry encouraged by the state. Electronic yarn is a monofilm diameter of 9 microns and below the child glass fiber, compared with other glass fiber varieties, its production technology and process has higher requirements, to overcome the brittle glass fiber material itself, with high strength, light weight, good electrical performance and other advantages, can be applied to the electronics industry and other high-end fields. The large-scale application of electronic yarn and electronic cloth as a substrate in the copper clad plate industry solves the problems such as PCB easy short circuit and open circuit, and is the key raw material affecting the performance of copper clad plate and PCB, which plays a fundamental role in the innovative development of the entire electronics industry.

Chart: Schematic diagram of electronic grade glass fiber classification

The upstream of electronic grade glass fiber is the raw material, mainly made of quartz stone, quartz sand, kaolin, borite, etc., to make electronic yarn and electronic cloth, and the downstream of the industry is copper clad plate, printed circuit board, electronic equipment, etc., the application field is biomedicine, industrial instruments, computer products, communication products, consumer electronics, automotive industry, aerospace science and technology.

In recent years, with the development of China’s glass fiber industry, the Chinese government has introduced industry policies to support the healthy development of China’s electronic grade glass fiber industry, and the China Glass Fiber Industry Association issued the “14th Five-Year” development Plan in 2021, which pointed out that it strictly controls the excessive growth of industry capacity and vigorously implements the supply-side structural reform of the industry. Strive to promote the transformation of the whole industry to intelligent, green, differentiated and high-end.

The downstream application field of electronic grade glass fiber is mainly rigid attached copper plate, and its output changes reflect the downstream demand, according to the data, China’s rigid copper clad plate production shows an increase year by year, the output rose from 471 million square meters in 2015 to 733 million square meters in 2021. It shows that the demand for electronic grade glass fiber in the Chinese market is increasing year by year.

In recent years, China’s electronic yarn market as a whole has shown a good development trend, the industry production capacity continues to increase, the output is also constantly improving, showing an upward trend year by year. According to the data, from 326,800 tons in 2014 to 754,000 tons in 2020, an increase of 19.3% compared with 2019.

The electronic glass fiber industry is a capital-intensive, technology-intensive industry, and the number of manufacturers is not large. In the field of thick cloth, due to the low technical threshold, there are relatively many manufacturers and fierce competition. In the field of high-end electronic cloth, due to the high technical threshold, the industry market concentration is high.

Driven by the growth of the copper clad plate industry, the overall demand for electronic cloth has shown an upward trend. According to the calculation of the copper clad sheet Material Branch of the China Electronic Materials Industry Association, the demand for electronic cloth in China’s copper clad sheet industry in 2021 will reach 3.9 billion meters. According to the China Glass Fiber Industry Association data, as of 2020, the total consumption of glass fiber in the copper clad plate market is about 800,000 tons, “fourteen five” period, the copper clad plate market demand is expected to remain higher than the current national GDP growth rate of about 3 points.

The material industry is the basic industry of the national economy, in order to encourage and support the development of the glass fiber industry, the state has issued a series of industrial policies to vigorously support, creating a favorable market environment for the development of the industry. In the context of favorable policies, the development prospects of the electronic grade glass fiber industry are broad.


Post time: Jun-09-2023