Industrial black gray carbon fiber composite fiber fire cloth

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Carbon fiber is manufactured at a high temperature of several degrees of dryness through a special process, generally can withstand the high temperature of more than 1000℃, but it is processed into carbon fiber fireproof cloth, in the actual application, can it maintain such properties?

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If it is a separate carbon fiber fireproof cloth, it is completely resistant to high temperature and fireproof; However, in the field of reinforcement, it needs to be used with carbon fiber glue, which will burn itself after reaching a certain ignition point. Therefore, in this case, it can not be used as a fireproof material.

If it is necessary to reinforce the need for fire protection, you can add a layer of fire protection coating in the outer layer after reinforcement, so that it can not only meet the requirements of fire resistance, but also maintain the safety and stability of the structure.


Carbon fiber fireproof cloth advantages and disadvantages

As a kind of engineering material of carbon fiber, the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber fireproof cloth are closely related to the characteristics of carbon fiber itself.

The advantages of carbon fiber fireproof cloth are: under certain conditions, it has outstanding heat resistance, can withstand more than 3000 degrees of high temperature; It has good fineness, good strength, tensile strength is 7-8 times that of steel, and the density is only 1/4 of steel, used in structural reinforcement, can play a very good reinforcement role.

The disdvantages of carbon fiber fireproof cloth are: it has certain electrical and thermal conductivity properties, when used as fire prevention should pay attention to the surrounding environment safety; It is relatively brittle compared with other fiber fire cloth, axial force is large, and radial force is poor, bending easy to break.

In general, the advantages of carbon fiber fireproof cloth are far more than the disadvantages, in the daily life in many aspects of engineering construction, also has a good application effect, is very popular and a kind of engineering material.

In the production and use of fireproof cloth, fiber fireproof cloth occupies a large share, in a broad sense, the vast majority of fireproof cloth are fiber fireproof cloth, but the types of fiber are different, the types of fiber fireproof cloth are different in nature, and its application scenarios and application methods are different.

Carbon fiber fireproof cloth is mainly made of carbon fiber as raw material, through special weaving and production technology of a kind of engineering material. Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum, but has higher tensile strength than steel. It is a new fiber material. This material contains more than 95% carbon, has the characteristics of non-absorbent, hard feel, but soft outside rigid inside, also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high modulus.

Carbon fiber is widely used in the global aerospace, sports equipment and industrial fields. Carbon fiber material itself has a good high-temperature resistance. As a new type of engineering material, carbon fiber fireproof cloth can be widely used in various structures of buildings, can be used as reinforcement materials in fireproof materials, can make buildings or structures tensile, seismic performance enhancement, can increase its stability.

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