High temperature resistant portable waterproof moisture-proof data bag important document storage bag

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This fireproof bag is to prevent fire in the home, company, government, archives or express process to burn important documents, materials and cause serious losses. If you put these important documents in this fireproof bag, even if there is a fire, you will not burn the documents inside, because this fireproof bag can withstand up to 700 degrees.

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First, this fireproof file bag is mainly used for: individuals, companies, government archives, to save all kinds of important documents, such as ID card, passport, contract, check, and so on more important documents.

Two, this product is made of three layers of materials, all belong to the fire A1 non-burning material:

The middle layer is fiber cotton, high temperature resistance 700 degrees. 2. The surface and inner layer are fiber cloth, resistant to high temperature of 500 degrees. 3. Sewing thread is also a fireproof product with high temperature resistance of 380 degrees.

Fireproof office file bag as a product of fire protection documents, its main purpose is to delay the damage of data, so that people have more time to rescue important items, can not be exposed to high temperature for a long time, in order to prevent the data carbonization due to high temperature

Material: fire-free silicone fiberglass cloth (outer layer), fire-free aluminum foil fiberglass cloth (inner layer)

Use environment: home, office, school, etc

Highlight: Fireproof material, safe storage

Function: fire retardant, fire proof and waterproof

Fire-proof file bag
Fire-proof file bag
Fire-proof file bag
Fire-proof file bag1

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