Glass fiber welding protective flame retardant blanket

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Acrylic with other special paste will cover the surface of glass fiber, to achieve a fixed pattern, reduce hair, cover cloth gaps, enhance the wear resistance of cloth, easy cutting effect.

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The oil and solvent resistance of glass fiber cloth can be improved greatly. Fire blanket is a kind of specially treated glass fiber 12hs satin fabric, with tight structure and high temperature resistance, can well protect objects away from the thermal point and spark zone, and completely prevent combustion or isolation of combustion. The thickness of the fire blanket is only 0.8mm-1.0mm, and the high temperature resistance reaches 550℃. Can be widely used in the shipping industry on the construction and repair of ship frame; It can also be used in petrochemical enterprises for heat insulation, insulation and welding of metal structures, showing good protective adaptability. Soft and toughness, is an ideal choice for wrapping uneven surface objects and equipment, our company can provide customers with different specifications, different color packaging of fire blanket products, can replace the fire retardant temperature low fire fabric, is a more economical fire retardant layer and curtain.



Suitable for hot construction in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public entertainment places: such as welding, cutting, etc. The use of this product can directly reduce the spark splash, play a flammable, easily fried dangerous goods isolation and block, and ensure the safety of human life and property integrity.

At present, the anti-welding blanket is mainly made of bulk cloth Z23/Z24/2025 as the base cloth processing, the square gram weight is 550~850g, the coating amount is 200~300g/㎡.
Product color can be customized according to customer needs.

Main Applications

Welding blanket (shipyard, oil field and other welding operations more frequent industry), fire pipe, heat insulation products, detachable insulation sleeve, etc.

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