Detachable equipment glass fiber fire insulation jacket

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Fire resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation, energy saving insulation cover, low thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation performance, a variety of forms, a variety of materials, anchor, adhesive, seam, winding professional customized processing.

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Fireproof insulation sleeve (aluminum foil glass fiber bag) is a kind of super adiabatic insulation material developed in recent years, the thermal conductivity is only 0.001-0.004W/MK, its thermal insulation performance is 20 times that of ordinary freezer insulation material polyurethane foam, residential insulation material glass wool is 37 times. Aluminum foil glass fiber bag, external wall insulation flame retardant vacuum bag, aluminum foil glass fiber bag, glass flame retardant vacuum bag, building insulation flame retardant aluminum foil bag, glass fiber composite bag, thermal insulation fiber aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil fiber film, mainly used in heating and cooling equipment pipe insulation material and building acoustic insulation material rock wool, ultra-fine glass wool outer protective layer, At the same time, it can be used as anti-humidity, anti-fog, fireproof, anti-corrosion packaging materials for export equipment, as well as for making die-casting soft molds and packaging large machines after composite with sponge. The product has the functions of airtight and watertight, fireproof, strong anti-spreading tension, anti-corrosion and not easy to aging.

Detachable refractory insulation sleeve is a new type of insulation structure, with convenient installation, simple maintenance, reusable and other characteristics, can meet the requirements of regular maintenance equipment and pipeline, reduce maintenance costs, in the case of maintaining their own insulation performance with beauty, is a strength and appearance level of the product.

Soft and flexible insulation cover detachable, reusable, environmental protection and energy saving insulation sleeve suitable for steam turbine, vulcanization machine, injection molding machine and other high temperature equipment, pipes, valves. Insulation sleeve is made of excellent fire insulation glass fiber cloth as the base material, can be high temperature non-combustible. We can customize different valves, gas turbines, pipes, kilns, ovens, large-caliber storage tanks and so on according to customers' requirements.

The insulation sleeve has the following characteristics

Temperature resistance -70℃-1700℃, fire and heat insulation high temperature resistance, good thermal insulation performance, simple and fast installation, good chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance, waterproof. Non-adhesive, not easy to adhere to the substance, long service life, wear-resistant, with good electrical insulation performance, good flame retardant performance, open flame non-combustible, do not stimulate the skin, do not hurt hands. Quality assured, in line with the use of standards.

Fire insulation jacket

Application field

Detachable insulation sleeve, insulation coat, insulation cover, fire insulation quilt, machine tool cover, insulation sleeve, gate valve insulation sleeve, valve insulation sleeve, mechanical insulation sleeve, boiler insulation sleeve. Thermal insulation sound absorption and noise reduction for equipment in petroleum, electric power and chemical industries, and thermal insulation sound absorption and noise reduction for building partitions, curtain walls, roofs and enclosures. Industrial kiln, oven, large diameter storage tank and ship insulation and fire prevention, pipeline, internal and external anticorrosive layer of savings pool.

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