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Fiber shaped parts forming field, involving inorganic fiber inside the glass fiber, ceramic fiber, mineral fiber, silicon carbide fiber, carbon fiber and so on, organic fiber inside the plant fiber, polymer synthetic fiber, artificial fiber and so on.

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The insulation sleeve has the following characteristics

Special-shaped glass fiber, also known as special-shaped cross-section glass fiber, is spun by a certain geometric shape of the spinneret hole, with special cross-section shape of glass fiber. Because the section of special-shaped glass fiber can form irregular geometric shape, compared with the traditional glass fiber, it has the characteristics of large specific surface area, good fluidity, good optical effect, etc., and has a wider application prospect in the military industry, automobile, shipbuilding, information industry and other fields.

At present, profiled glass fiber is mostly made of ordinary alkali - free glass. Because in the molding process, the glass flow strand will use the effect of surface tension, before cooling and curing to form the fiber can be self-circle, therefore, the preparation process of special-shaped glass fiber has a relatively strict control over the composition of the glass formula and the ratio of each component, so as to meet the final product can have a certain special-shaped ratio and filling rate.

The application of special-shaped parts of glass fiber molding raw materials relates to cut fiber fiber and glass fiber cotton, there are special-shaped parts of pure glass fiber cotton molding, and there are special-shaped parts of glass fiber cotton mixed with cut glass fiber fiber molding.

The molding of special-shaped parts of glass fiber needs to complete several processes, including the selection and ratio of raw materials, the dispersion of glass fiber, the application of chemicals, the design of special-shaped parts mold, pulp concentration control, special-shaped parts forming and other processes.

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