Aluminum foil composite fiberglass cloth

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Product introduction: Thermal radiation insulation cloth is glass fiber cloth and aluminum foil using a unique composite process to make fire retardant materials, with aluminum foil after composite surface smooth and flat, vertical and horizontal tensile strength, radiation resistance performance is good, breathable, waterproof sealing performance is good.

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Mainly used for automotive accessories, outdoor waterproof, air conditioning pipes, fire clothing, heating and cooling equipment pipe insulation materials and building noise reduction and sound insulation materials, rock wool, ultra-fine glass wool outer protective layer, play a flame retardant, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, sound absorption role. At the same time, the thermal radiation insulation cloth can be applied to the anti-dampness, anti-fog and anti-corrosion packaging materials of export equipment, and the protective bandaging of chemical equipment such as petroleum transmission pipeline and steam pipeline, playing the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion and heat insulation.

Glass fiber aluminum foil cloth

Materials glass fiber, aluminum foil

Operating temperature Indirect temperature 500 ° C +.
Flammability is non-combustible.
Flame retardancy self-extinguishing from fire.
Optional colors Gray, white, black, etc. Can be customized colors.
Weight (g/㎡) 100/140/170/430 can be customized.
Optional width 1m, 1.2m, 2m can be cut.
Remarks Special specifications can be customized to sample, can be processed according to user needs, size according to user requirements of production.

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